Planting seeds - goals, plans, priorities

Watering - offering time and care to personal growth

Sunshine- find out what brings you joy, and watch your garden grow

Weeding- weeds happen. Old stories, past traumas, karma, old beliefs, personal insecurities. 

Vines- sometimes mistaken as weeds, but they're constructive criticism. It's okay to challenge yourself to think outside of your comforts. These vines can grow out of control and into other things, sometimes in a good way. It depends on your tastes and whether you appreciate vine vegetation. Vines have only one way to go.. it's up. 

Bugs- sometimes it's tough to know who is there to take care, and who is there to take

Pruning- figuring out how much of something you want to keep. Trimming away the excess often leaves room in spaces we didn't know we had. 

Vegetation- providing care to yourself. Nurture yourself

Harvest the rewards. Look at what you can get from your own garden, by caring for your mind, body and soul. 

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