lost dog

So, how is our little Pig? He is doing rather well, thank you, as he had surgery last Wednesday for a luxating patella. Genetic, they say. Disappointing, is my reply.

To keep from going off on a rant, as this whole thing has me clearly upset, I will carry on to say that he is already coming back to being his usual fun-loving self, though he definitely slows down easily, as recovery time is an estimated 6-8 weeks.

With a shaven backside, the mortifying cone to keep him from picking at the bandage patch on his hind leg, and the gross details of what sort of pins and incisions and cutting of bone he had to have done, I think he is hands down the bravest little pup that I have ever met. Only 10 months old and having to endure so much discomfort? He never complains. And for that I admire, respect and love him even more.

Learning that this issue came from how he was born is a definite eye-opener that I can only offer the advice to ask your breeder (if you choose to go this route) to provide everything in documentation; medical history, you name it to avoid any sudden surprises such as this. And though I am beyond disappointed to have gone through what we have in this past month with vet visits, medications and of course the surgery itself, I wouldn't trade our Pig for anything in this world.

While I am well aware that this was completely out of my control, being a genetic issue and all, I tell you that it has been the most helpless and heartbreaking situation to have to watch, without feeling responsible, or that it could have been prevented, somehow.. magically(?) Irrational, I know. I hate it. I love him. It's like being torn completely in two, to put it into perspective.

I can't even describe how much I look forward to the day when he can run and play like he did so well, over the summer that we first got to know him. And it hurts in so many ways to miss someone when they're sitting right there in front of you. I want my dog back. All fours, all smiles, running and pain free.

Thank you all so much for your kindness, concern and endless support.

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