may day: 20

I got myself a red t-shirt the other day, which happened to remind me of my mom. For years, she has told me that I look good in red.. meanwhile, I always found it to be a rather intimidating -and cautionary- color. I think of red in a different way, I guess, I haven't figured it out. Still, there is something about it that I'm trying to get to know.

When I was a kid, mom used to get my sister and I to pose in our new threads to show off how good we looked. Not one for modelling in front of the camera, it was typically the same tedious process. First, I'd attempt to play oblivious to her requests and look away from the camera at just the right time, which would result in a harsh tsk and a few choice words. Once the layer of guilt for not cooperating with a simple request was laid flat, I'd give her the seriousness she was looking for. Well, maybe a little too intense, but hey.. I'm no super model. Sorry mom, but I did my best and forced out the best Cover Girl smile I could. A bit much? Never.

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