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I set my facebook status to "interview me!" because I'm sucking quite terribly at coming up with content. I just can't Doogie Howser this blog the way that I used to. Let's get on with it. 

Q: Which other illustrators inspire your work? 

A: Fun question, Liz Hover! This was a tough one for me to answer without writing forever and ever and ever (because I love SO many illustrators!) so, I chose the first name that came to mind: Mary Blair!

Who is she? Well Liz, she was a contemporary genius, who worked as an illustrator and concept artist for big shots like Disney. Her work is charming, bright, and most recognizable through her use of asymmetry, glorious patterns, and textures. I love her like no other (and her trees!)

When Disney saw her work, he ate it up. She worked on various films, like Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan. She also made her mark on Disneyland, when she was asked to design (the often unappreciated) It's a Small World. Love it or hate it, put on some headphones and enjoy the visual. She was so incredibly talented.

Mary Blair inspires me as an illustrator and a graphic designer.  She's -one of- the reasons I pick up my paints and let myself play, and why I choose abstraction over the more real and straight forward. She went against the rules of traditional art, combining so many beautiful and abstract elements that just work together as an image. She blows my mind to pieces! You don't have to make things look real in order to be an artist. Make it fun, like Mary Blair! 

*Also, check your Little Golden Books for her name. Betcha you have a few kickin' on your bookshelf without even noticing! 

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