So there's a bit of masterful planning going on, to go toward something fun that has been on my mind for probably the last 900 years, or maybe even longer. Libby wants a dog! A Boston Terrier.. as you may remember me mentioning way back.

After a bit of brainstorming on how to even go about seeing the plan through, as pure bred companions are very pricey, I am concocting a little promotional bit of sorts titled "So what if I'm turning 30 this year, I want a puppy."

Yep, we're looking to add a little spice into our low key atmosphere, where I found a possible new companion due to a good home in May, just days before my 30th birthday. I am only on the waiting list so it isn't set in stone yet, but the incentive is there to have a little bit of fun and get Libby back on her feet to go toward the plan. Product to expect in the coming months; "scrap bunnies", black and white goods (inspired by the pup itself), fashion inspired works, home decor art and maybe even something new that I haven't tampered with.

From learning what a little bit of determination and patience can do, by getting my license (on Groundhog Day, in the first shot) and seeing how much I am actually capable of, I'm learning that anything is possible. Giving up isn't on the agenda this year. And so, let the fun begin!

30 is a good year if you ask me.


nap partner

Ever have one of those days where you want to do something, but don't want to do anything at all at the same time? Today was that sort of day for Tim and I, as we probably spent a good portion of the day in bed, sleeping, drinking tea, crocheting and watching the Olympics. It's nice to not feel guilty about being no where near productive. I love lazy days with Tim. He's a pro.


nice time for love

I'd been meaning to make a Valentine for a long time now and what better way to throw myself into it by making my hockey boy a little something corny for the season of love. It was a lot of fun.


miss kitty says

So what if I'm watching Mean Girls and drawing puppies and kitties on a Saturday night. This is why I love my job.

Many new projects in the works.


random observations

In the still silence of winter at its best.

A frost welcomed the morning, after an evening of dense fog.

Each little branch, blade of poking grass, leaf, and berry covered in a coating of white.

Not a sound to be heard, but the crunching snow beneath my feet.

Then, at random, my mind drifts into thinking "don't the branches look like pipe cleaners?"

How I love the wonders of winter and those quiet moments of listening to the mind as it explores.