cat woman

The vet sent a fun postcard for Tim, the other day.

hacky easter

How to eat an Easter Bunny.



So what? This is what I feel like doing, sometimes.



I've never met a pizza I didn't like.


rabbit haiku

Lepus the rabbit
a little constellation
under Orion


haiku for diana

little yellow frog
a tiny inconvenience
get off the sidewalk


color candy: pink

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have pretty strong opinions in the world of color. It is what I'm driven by, to be honest. The mood it creates, how it piques our senses. Color is beautiful and inspiring, and I often hear it in different volumes.

When it comes to the color pink -which wouldn't be on the top of my list of interests- I have to say, despite my heavy opinions toward it, it also depends on how it's used.

Pink is a symbol of femininity and innocence, and I absolutely agree that has its charm when used appropriately. When I think of the pinks I enjoy, I think of flowers, rosy cheeks, soft fabrics and cupcakes. Mmm, cupcakes.

Absolutely, pink has its beauty, as it is so delicately displayed at Twigs & Honey. I love their forest pixie approach, reminding even skeptics like myself that such a color as pink has its place in the soft, serenity, of nature. Lovely.

What color makes you feel most inspired?


breakfast with

When I was first asked to do an up-close-and-personal interview with my dog, I had to laugh out loud. What a silly question. To be honest I kind of let it slide and/or avoided the concept entirely.... until the question soon evolved into a popular request. Really?

Because of our open relationship, I decided to sit down with Breakfast and discuss the matter to see how he felt about it. His response was quite similar to my own, but after we both let the idea simmer, and let the giggles subside, we figured why not give it a shot. So, what do I ask a dog I already know so much about? I've got my note pad ready.

If you could sit down with Breakfast.. for breakfast, what would you ask him?


sweet and saucy

Sweet and Saucy Supply; delicious colors with a delicious incentive. I love vintage design for its delicate shapes and patterns. So simple, so sweet. Hmm.. my birthday is coming. *hint hint.


1 year of breakfast

Weird to think that a year ago, today, we brought Breakfast home. He sure has changed since then... sorta.