home away from home

So, I'm off for a few days to Winnipeg to visit with family and attend my - one of many - dearest friend's wedding. It's a very interesting thing when you watch your friends reach this point in their lives, as it serves a bit of a reminder that we're all growing up.

Will return with more to share.


green fingers

So, gardening.

It looks like I'll be learning how to garden this year, as I now have full responsibility over a garden in our backyard; Thanks to Barry and Judi for a clever birthday present. I now have the proper tools, seeds, instructions, tips and dirty toes I need to start my first vegetable garden. Which has me feeling giddy about having all of the peas I want from it by the end of the Summer. I could eat a million! I also planted zucchini, carrots, and tomatoes. Oh, and some stinky Marigolds to keep the pests away. Orange makes me smile, at least.

As well I'll be planting some flowers in our front flower bed, once I get a few more things to assist in keeping the cats and bunnies away. I'm pumped to see how it all goes, and to also add some earthy bits to our home. Now I just have to remember to practice patience while I wait for my thumb to turn green in the process. Gardening is surprisingly intimidating at the start, but now that I've gotten my feet dirty (a ridiculous phobia of mine I may have to explain one day) I am having a great time so far.


sunny flowers

The sun may not be shining too brightly these days but I am just absolutely in love with my little dwarf sunflowers that are waiting to be set outside for the summer.

I have some fun gardening news to share once the sun reappears. First I need to find some green paint for my thumb.



Fancy anything from the top shelf, maybe? It's raining outside and we're a bit bored. I was putting things away, with Tim in hand, and when I noticed his curiosity over my Grandma's down comforter on the highest shelf, I let him have a moment to explore.

By explore, I do mean nap.


tim time

I love this photo of Tim - even if it is upside down. We were sharing a moment during the most recent rainfall and neither of us had any intention on moving. Well, one of us was more stubborn on that part... but that's why I love him so. I'm going to miss cozy blanket season when Summer sets in.

Did I mention that I just simply love my kitty?

the best type of take-out

She's found another hobby.

I know I had promised not to get involved with new projects but I couldn't resist the temptation of trying something new. Well, not entirely new. I'd taken a ceramics class in my first year of college alongside a course on sculpture, and enjoyed them both immensely. So after months of eying up the windows of those cute little paint-it-yourself ceramics places, I decided to give it a try.

The option of take-out ceramics is by far the best invention ever if you're particular with space, surroundings and supplies like I am. Anxiety much? With some old papers, a tea, paint brushes, knives (for scraping lines), some headphones (to dull out the noise), a curious kitty and a scented candle.. you're pretty much golden.

The thing that I love about working with ceramics is that it's surprisingly forgiving. If you make a mess of your piece, you can wipe things clean with a damp rag and start over again. As well, if you want to transfer an existing drawing, pencil lines (or sharpies) come off in the kiln during the firing process. I am experimenting for now and am liking it all very much, so far.

Enter a new addiction.



We say quite often that time goes by in a blur, wondering where the days have gone, yet the hours dwindle by at a medium pace when you're in the right moment. It was my 29th birthday yesterday.

It was my 28th birthday when Ian and I went to San Francisco, and yet, it feels like a million years ago. When I think about everything that I learned from that trip I miss it tremendously. The pieces that intimidated me in the beginning, the ones that inspired me, the others that jingled, the culture, the character, the kitsch, that moment of insignificance while standing in the middle of the Muir Woods . . . it seems so long ago. A blur.

Welcome 29.



It's that time again to say thanks to our Moms for everything they've done and for simply being who they are.

Happy Mother's Day!


spring in the step

I may not be a huge fan of pink, but if it comes in the form of pink toes with fluff in between I might think about it. Just my way of illustrating the story that Tim has returned to his sunshine step from last spring.

It begins.


ink blot test

I painted last weekend and have been staring at this piece since then, wondering if I actually do like it.

I turn it around
dnuora ti nrut I

put it in a different room, look at it in a different light, wonder if the yellow is just right, if it's too muddy, if the white pleases me, is it too central in composition, do I like the texture, how would it look in the kitchen, do I like it in the kitchen, is it too yellow for the kitchen, what do I like about this, what does it make me feel, what does it make me think, where does my eye stick, do I like that it's not symmetrical, do I like the imperfections, it feels organic somehow yet graphic,

I turn it around
dnuora ti nrut I

. . . I should make some Rice Krispie treats.

Yep, this is how my mind cycles with most things. I am still pacing around it, though I will have to settle with telling myself to simply shut up and hang it.

Sharing this actually took a lot of convincing.