Today marks our last Sunday in this place (my favorite day). It's kind of a funny sensation, but one I've come to accept and embrace. I'm going to miss a lot about this place, but I'm also quite ready to get out and into something more functional.. and dare I say, quiet(?)

"Our Tree" in the field, by Queen Alexandra School. We love playing fetch over here.

This move has put a lot of things into perspective, as I started to recall the day when I first arrived in this city. I've lived here -in the south side- for 3 years now, and I've become familiar.. and even quite comfortable. It made me see that I've developed a home for myself in this city. I'm not sure if I expected that to happen the way that it did, but I'm so glad I decided to come here.

I've seen this van, almost every day since we moved here. I love the pony decals.

A friendly man, and his dog, Chloe. I love meeting strangers (who have become regulars) on Whyte Avenue.

I kind of enjoy the rush of nerves that I have toward not knowing our new neighbourhood (or home) or the types of people we're going to meet along the way. I've come to love my neighbourhood regulars over here, and I'm going to miss seeing them so often as I do. Breakfast has developed a bit of a fan base for himself. I love that. This city is so approachable and social.

Cooling off at the splash park, on 73 Avenue, down the street from our old place. The best place to cool off after a long walk and play, outside.

It makes me incredibly grateful, for Breakfast, and the security he offers in getting me to explore, and learn more about where we are. We used to walk without purpose, and get lost, just for the sake of finding our way back home. Unfamiliarity creates a certain challenge that I've learned to love rather than fear. This is new. I say, bring it.

The view from under our tree. I love sitting in the grass, and looking for pictures in the clouds.

There's something both sad and heartwarming about change. It's difficult to leave the things that have become so familiar, yet they're not really going anywhere. There will be visits to what will soon be our "old" stomping grounds. We've been visiting what has become our favorite spots, and taking it all in, before we venture into something new and unfamiliar. It takes me back, and I know I'm going to learn a lot of stuff along the way.

Playing ball, in the field behind our house. I'm going to miss this. 

Thanks for the memories, south side. You taught me so much about the concept of home, and what makes living easy.

Adventure awaits.


summer haiku

Hey, let's go outside
It's the greatest place to be 
The sun makes us smile



While in the process of packing things up for the big move, I found a bucket of paint and decided to give my dresser a bit of a facelift. I think it looks pretty amazing.

Breakfast wanted to make sure I didn't forget how pretty he is too. 

Though I did love the blue that I had painted it before, I just wasn't feeling it anymore. I bore easily.. but I'd also been itching to do another makeover like this. So, here it is. I can't stop staring at it.