yo october

I've been really enjoying October, for a variety of reasons. It's the season of change ... and dying things? The leaves are almost done falling, the memories of summer have passed, and the air is getting noticeably crisp. Winter is coming, which means it's almost time to get into heavy concentration mode and crack down on this massive personal project of mine. Remember, Disney? Eeeeeeeek!

Sketch Dailies topic: Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.
Looks like Mads Mikkelsen.. because I became obsessed with the Hannibal series. 

To warm myself up, before the snow falls, I have been doing a variety of daily projects; for the sake of making a routine out of being creative, without running myself dry. Sitting on a computer all day can be tough, so I've been taking time away from digital, to get back into traditional forms of execution. It has also been so nice outside, I have been taking my sketchbook everywhere with me. Gotta enjoy it while we can, right?

Instagram: #screamqueenhalloween Topic: Halloween mask. Did you know that Michael Myers is a William Shatner mask, painted white?

In October, there's something called Inktober. It's an excuse to pick up the pens and make stuff. Fortunately, with Halloween content, it has been super fun. I almost forgot that I like to fiddle with the dark and sinister, and drift away from the cutesy. It has been a nice reminder for me to get back in touch with my sketchbook, and learn to love the imperfections of doing things off screen. I'm going to take this habit into November, for sure. 

Sketch Dailies topic: Edward Scissorhands

For months, I've been keeping up with the Sketch Dailies, when I can. It's probably one of my favorite forms of social media. There is a wicked amount of talent out there, and I always enjoy seeing what sorts of ideas people come up with. Also, I've 'met' a lot of incredible artists this way. I wish we could just all get together and draw! Such an inspiring crowd to be a part of.

October also marked our second Crafternoon. I threw together some Halloween treat bags, met up for some warm beverages and waffles, and had a nice giveaway prize for those who showed. It's becoming a monthly thing, so I look forward to getting to know all of the wonderful crafty types that live in this city, especially during the months where we're forced indoors. Don't make stuff? Come along for a warm beverage and conversation. We have coloring books! Hooray, Crafternoon!

Instagram: #screamqueenhalloween Topic: Favorite Scary Movie: Silence of the Lambs. 

Instagram: #screamqueenhalloween Topic: Play Dead

I've also been participating in an Instagram daily challenge, for the month. This one involves different Halloween themes, from your favorite scary movie, to playing dead. I've had fun with this. I like daily creative challenges. I highly recommend them for getting into the habit of making stuff. Thanks for the Halloween fun, #screamqueenhalloween !!

Happy October!


thanks me

I decided to start off my Thanksgiving weekend by taking the dog out for a walk in our old neighbourhood. We go there quite often, actually, maybe every other week. I just like the vibe more than our current neighbourhood (more social), though this outing was for the sake of clarity and reflection. It's nice to be reminded how far we've come.

Our tree, in Old Strathcona

I'm a bit nostalgic, and while some may say that considering the past is a form of dwelling, I see it as a means of gathering the material of oneself. I am who I am because of my experiences, and for that, I am thankful to be who I am today. How often do we take time to be thankful for who we are?

When I say that "we've" come so far, most definitely, I am referring to my fuzzy companion, Breakfast Jones. It's incredible to think that he has been in my life now for over four years, and has never failed to make me smile every single day. It hasn't been an easy journey (having moved three times in the last three years), but he has shown me that anywhere can feel like home; so long as there is a blanket or ray of sunshine to curl up in at the end of the day. If he could understand English, I'd say it has been an honour, being his best friend. I don't think he finds me half bad either.

There is a strange feeling inside me, that is convinced this will be our last winter in this city. It's a very strange and almost dizzying sensation, especially when I see myself taking that thought more seriously; that we are on our way toward bigger and better things. In a way, it has helped me look forward to the approaching season; for the sake of taking it all in before it's over. I've never felt this way before. Change is very cool.

There will come a day when we will no longer be able to sit under what has become "our tree", but until then, we will continue to visit, and revisit our thoughts/memories. It's nice to walk away from something that was once so unfamiliar, and remind myself that I have so much to be thankful for. With all that I've experienced, with all that I've learned, with all that I've taken with me, to be stored in the teeny compartments that make up my heart, I feel I'm a pretty clever, determined (another word for stubborn), sensitive, grounded, and appreciative person.

Thanks me, you're alright.


go fund me

As my animation project becomes more and more real, I realize that maybe it's time for an upgrade. My computer is about 5-6 years old now, so any command takes minutes to process. I don't like asking for help, but I thought why not see what happens. The internet is a bit of a powerful place.. so here I am, putting it out there. I feel this request for a new computer/software makes my goal seem far more real than it did even a day ago. I just want to keep it going. New equipment is a must.

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