As of today, we have been in our house for one year. Well, sorta.. we moved in on February 29, 2008 and can't decide which day counts. Ian says it's today, I say it's tomorrow. Potato Potatto. Pretty cool.

I can't tell if it feels like we've been here, for a year, already. Sometimes it feels like we've been here longer. Time has moved slowly, catching up to this new lifestyle going from student to homeowner. Where am I, I wonder. A time of growth.

As we now drift toward a familiar season, while our home has become a part of us, I decided to enforce positivity and joy by playing in the kitchen. Chocolate chip cookies for Ian, chopped celery for myself and a fun little photo shoot that I made in the process. A lovely way to celebrate home.


remedies for the soul

I promised myself that I'd sit down and elaborate on the last little while, as I feel like I've been neglecting my writing time, lately. Sometimes absence is a good thing, as it usually means that I'm lost in other things. But due to getting a little too lost I've been down with a bit of a bug, which was my body's way of reminding me that I need to slow down.

Ah, what I wouldn't give for a box of Mandarines aka Christmas Oranges at this time. Vitamin C is much required, as my head is light and woozy and in need of some fuel. It's been a long time since I've felt so icky, so I'm not really complaining since it was almost over due. Somehow occasional illness just makes things feel more like "the norm" if that makes sense. I see it as a time of catching up with oneself.

This past weekend was a lovely one, as we were invited out to Canmore for a nice little retreat and a wedding to attend. I had never been to Canmore before so upon arrival I was in complete awe of our surroundings; nature as far as the eye could see. To think that something like this exists so close to home, I couldn't believe it. The things we take for granted hey? The mountains, the trees, the one coyote I spotted from a distance, it was simply breath taking. I didn't want to leave.

Once we took in the scenery, we decided to take a trip into the little shops along the way, which had plenty of hand/homemade goods to offer. We left with a lot of yummy treats, including some fudge, chocolate covered oreos and peanut butter squares from Black Rock Fudge and Gifts. The selection was almost endless, as we probably spent at least twenty minutes there debating on which ones to take home and try, without being too greedy. The oreos were divine, the peanut butter squares were alright (I'm not an enormous fan of peanut butter, but I thought I'd give them a try) and the fudge.. well, I'll have to ask Ian about that one.

My favorite souvenier that we brought home, which Ian treated me to, were some home made soaps from a shop called Rocky Mountain Soap Company. This place really made me giddy, as there were endless aromas lingering through the air. They even had a jar of coffee beans handy in case your senses needed a refresher, as things can begin to smell the same after spending so much time walking about and sniffing. We left with bath salt, a scented candle, and three different soaps; one for dry heels (Mountain Spa Foot Soap), another for baby soft skin (Baby Bear) and the other I simply decided to try (Spring Thaw) because it smelled of cinnamon. mmm I love natural smells.

It was a short and sweet weekend that really brought a lovely sense of balance into my state of mind; spending time with Ian, enjoying the sights, meeting new people, taking time to breathe the fresh air, being among the trees and endless skies that showcase the greatest display of stars without distraction or city noise pollution. Ah, I could have stayed there forever.

Though it was kind of sucky to come home to bed to nurse a wicked cold, I decided to enjoy the moment for what it was worth and indulge in some self maintenance to keep the feeling alive. I lit my new candle, ran a hot bath, wrote in my new journal and watched my toes return to a healthy pinkish glow.

Somehow this time around, illness wasn't much of a bad thing.


sunday, bloody sunday

So someone came home last night from hockey with a bit of a story to share. A bloodstained jersey and five stitches.

At least one of us finds it entertaining. Eeeeeeeeew!


you're sweet, valentine

So I've been doing a lot of .. baking? .. and we have cupcakes galore. I got a special order for 6 little cupcakes and decided to make things fun by adding smiley faces and sprinkles and buttons. Ridiculous, in that cute and squishy way.

Happy day of cupcakey love.



I'm a little desensitized to sunset photos because they kind of take me back to 1980s motivational posters. Cheesy almost. For something out of my ordinary, I decided to go out with my camera before sundown, today, and watch time fade behind the mountains just off the ridge where our community ends. Insert inspirational quote here.

It really is quite amazing how quickly the sun sets. When I left the house, the sun was well above the horizon and it seemed that the further I walked the further it drifted away. Ten minutes later, when I arrived to the spot, it was a mere sliver behind the mountains on the horizon. Amazing. And I had no idea how to shoot in this sort of light.

I will have to make a habit of this because I absolutely enjoyed the silence and serenity of it all. I cleared my mind, came home to a lovely dinner of tea, toast with jam (boy is out for the night) and am set to do some writing for an important project. I am not quite ready to discuss it all in detail but I will say that it's teaching me to think outside of myself and challenge my reluctance.

Insert inspirational quote here.


sunny day

I think someone here is really enjoying living up to the lazy Sunday standard.

Happy Sunday


crochet sundays

Of course among the many things I've been up to these days includes a little bit of craft to keep my hands busy. The toy orders have come to a nice pause, though still slowly consistent, which allows me to tamper with my own thing in between. My drawers are stacked high with different colors and textures I've been wanting to add into the mix, so we will see what happens tomorrow when I head back into my old routine of crochet Sundays. I can't wait.



Every time I go to make a new entry I tend to fall onto my backspace button because I can't think of where to start, in regard to the last couple of weeks. It's been a bit of a blur, but a good one at that. I've been working hard on multiple projects and more importantly I'm taking time for myself to shake off this rut I've been in and move forward rather than back.

To start, one of the things I've been focusing on is getting my portfolio in order. I wasn't sure where to begin with it but took my time and focused on what I was trying to achieve. I never quite know how to display my work in a fashion that illustrates all of the things that I do and enjoy in my every day; illustration, craft, photography, drawing, writing, painting. I'm quite pleased with the result of practicing patience.