into a positive

There have been some definite ups and downs over here, though I'm happy to say that the downs aren't all that bad considering what they could be. Last week was quite a terrible week for me, as I had food poisoning on Monday/Tuesday, followed by a viral infection I picked up on Saturday.

I was hit very hard, and suddenly; when I spent nearly 7 hours straight, throwing up every 20-25 minutes. I don't think I need to get into details, but it was enough to scare me when I started throwing up blood in the process. Nothing to be concerned about, just typical of a very harsh battle with the stomach demons. My stomach was very haunted. I had absolutely nothing left in me, in the end, and it took 4-5 days of recovery. I'd say I'm still not quite 100%, but I'm far better than I was a week ago.

Crafting. Guess which yellow box I love most.

To flip into the good news (and so I can get back to work) I got into the Royal Bison craft sale this spring! It's in May, (the weekend before my birthday) so I have a reasonable amount of time left to make some new things, and also plan out the design of my table/booth. I'm very excited for how it's all going to come together, and I'm also quite glad I have so much to keep me busy. Maybe, by the time I'm finished, all of the snow will be gone and it will feel more like spring before summer. Time to go pass some time.

Happy Sunday.

To see more of the process, follow @breakfastjones on Instagram. 



I'm home today, with what seems to be a touch of food poisoning. I'm not feeling too badly at the moment, other than a bit drained from being awake at 4am with a tummy ache, and I may even be a bit hungry now that my stomach is completely empty. Oog. I figure I'll take advantage of my time and do some work, in between naps on the couch with Breakfast. Days like this are somehow enjoyable, underneath the grossness of it all. I'm on the mend, and ready to continue tackling my animation project (which I've been working on for over a month now) when my strength returns. I have a lot to write about, in regards to the process and what I've learned about myself. It's pretty neat what a new challenge can bring. I hope you're tackling your own challenges too...just not the kind that keeps you in bed all day.



It's been a busy weekend, and it's probably going to be a late night tonight. I will definitely write more when I get things finished up. For now, just enjoy basking in the reminder that spring is coming. 



With one mighty blow, the hydra was taken down by the mighty Hercules.



I'm trying to remind myself more to post my daily sketches. I've almost filled my sketchbook (after a month!) and I'm always looking forward to the next day. I have a busy weekend, with even more drawing going on, so I best get on it. Here is my sketch, from yesterday, of Velma Dinkley from Scooby-Doo. I dunno, when I think Velma, I think smoker.. so she's on her smoke break, catching up on her mystery reading. 

the best

It's so nice outside, we got to play in the field behind the house AND go for a nice long walk. Ah, I love these moments more than anything. Happy weekend!


sunny reminder

We're both dreaming of summer. 

Winter is long, and sometimes I don't think I like it very much. Dark mornings are tough, and the bite of the air grows tiresome. But, to quickly defend the season, I say if you live in Canada, you need to learn how to live and cope with it. And yet, here I am. *whine* *groan* *grumble*

Spring always comes. And we always want it to come -very badly- right after a short teaser of sunshine in mid-February. I think our minds tell us, "look the sun is out! The worst of winter must be over!" It is, in the sense that we're not far away from the end, in comparison to the beginning... but it most certainly is not over. It snows in May, I hate to say.. but we always forget this... or at least we want to.

I think my feelings toward winter really changed when I got dog. Breakfast is just not built for Canadian cold, and he is far too fun to leave cooped up all day. It sucks, when I know how much this guy loves to run and play. I really don't like having to sit and wait, not one bit. It's actually quite depressing, and the season makes me very grouchy... and lethargic.... and fat.

I feel my awareness of seasonal depression may be why I've begun an unintentional (lifelong) collection of things that are yellow. I was just looking around my place and taking a personal note of how often I've gravitated to the color. I just feel there's something comforting about it, which has helped me through the colder and more miserable months.

 Yellow is a definite representation of the sun. It is a color that illustrates warmth, joy, and positivity. I'm actually quite glad that I seek these yellow little things for myself, without intention; because it brings about a certain positive energy that I know I need assistance with. Positive reminders are indeed great for the soul. I love my home because of it.

The color yellow speaks in many volumes to me, which are soothing and assuring. I feel that this has also helped me with my work, as I often go to my yellow kitchen table, for writing and drawing; away from everyday distractions (including the dog.) There's just something about it, that says there are a number of things to look forward to. 

Yellow reminds me to continue to play, and find the fun in the simpler things, even if we are limited with how we make our fun. While being cooped up indoors, I feel I've made this space feel more cozy and welcoming, by focusing on which colors (and items) bring me joy. 

Waking to darkness is definitely what I find to be the toughest part of the season, I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to have a place where I can now bask in the sun, which pours through the windows. Since living in a basement, daylight will always be an incredible luxury, in my eyes. What a treat to get to enjoy the warmth, when it is there, even if it is only briefly.. and often on some of the coldest days of the season.

To drift back to the color yellow, for a second. See that blanket, folded up on top of my sewing caddy? Scroll back up, and take a glance at the yellow pillow on my couch. Held up, together, they are the exact same color, and yet, I bought the yarn months apart. Didn't even consider it, it just happened. I found it funny, at least.

So, while we wait ever so patiently for the warmer, more sunny, and more inviting weather, we will focus on the positive light, over the things we cannot control. I think that is the best thing we can do, aside from dreaming on the floor, to pass the time. Good luck to you, if you are aching for spring.

It will come. It always does