happy rainbows

It was a special day, yesterday. Love is love. 


right now

There is a lot going on right now, but I'm doing my best to write more; because I feel that I am in a really good place. I want to keep on top of my thoughts, so I can take more time to acknowledge, appreciate, and process everything that is going on. I have been a little distracted by how much I have to do in every day, until we hit the road, so I'm seeing what some note taking will do for my busy mind. I don't even know where to begin.

First off, I got a tattoo, about a week ago. I have yet to write a separate post about this. I just thought I'd share that it happened, and I'm just about as surprised as you are that I actually went through with it. Again, I'll share more on this another time. My relationship with ink has been a funny one.

The plan is that we leave Edmonton, on July 31(!) My furniture will be going into storage, where the rest of my things will either be sold, donated, traded, or trashed; unless they're coming with me and B in the car. I always enjoy the purge before a move. Loading the car with only things that we need is seriously refreshing. I'm so glad my office is portable.

Once we're moved out, we'll be spending the night in Canmore, to rest, and take in one last dose of beautiful Alberta. It is one of my favorite places, with a lot of great memories involving change, personal growth, and self acceptance. Powerful, really. Once the recharge is complete, bright and early the next day, we hit the road and watch it all fade away in the rearview mirror, as we make our way toward our next adventure. Victoria! Eeek! I honestly never imagined this is where we'd be heading. I'm excited to have Breakfast with me, as my copilot. I think he's going to like where we're going.

Of course, I'm a little overwhelmed by the emotions involved. Some days I'm pumped, other days I'm absolutely terrified. It's part of the process of change. (Like how people get when they change the settings on Facebook, except that this is real life.) It's an incredible adjustment, so I'm allowing myself to get outside when it's needed, and let those feelings cycle. I'm easing myself back into my work, and picking up the pace, so we can afford this and continue to keep the dream alive.

I don't know what else to say, other than that where we are right now, is a good place to be. I feel so incredibly lucky.

What an adventure!


me, right now

It's strange, because I took a break from drawing faces, to draw my own face. I'm writing about the importance of personal exercises to keep the creativity rolling, and I'm also writing about faces. Faces are my life, right now. It's interesting. So many thoughts, but not all at once. More to come.

Here's an old Sketch Dailies called, Meet the Artist.


where the wind takes me

After a week of having to let my thoughts process, it is confirmed that I'm leaving for BC, in August. But, why on earth would I leave the place I love so deeply as I love Edmonton? Well, I've been handed an opportunity to test out Victoria for a few months, from a very generous friend, at a very convenient time. And since I can take my office (and dog) with me anywhere, why not? Besides, I can always return. Nothing is permanent.

I felt incredibly selfish for a while, even a little irresponsible, anxious, and really quite overwhelmed. It took me about two weeks to let it become a final "yes" instead of "well.... I think... maybe... I should ... but..." So much flip flopping. It was NOT easy... but why not? Really, why not? After I decided that if someone else was given the opportunity (I'd not only be a little jealous ) I'd tell them that life is too short not to try it. It's that Mario star I was talking about before. I can hear the music.. Run and use it while it lasts! It's just so crazy that I'm the one holding it.

I feel super lucky to be me, and sometimes that sensation is scary. There are a number of adjustments that come with personal success, and sadly there's the realization that not everyone is going to like you when you're happy. Some people hate when you do well, and it's simply because you make it look easy, like there is no struggle. It's actually quite opposite, as I work almost constantly (by nature) and have done so all my life. I just never had the confidence to do it, or see it pay off so well as it has. And so, here I am, with this opportunity to keep growing and trying new things. My true friends will come with me, no matter where I go. That's where I feel so invincible.

There's a big world out there to explore. I'm curious what these new surroundings will do for me, as I have another post to write, regarding my relationship with water. I grew up swimming, with my cousins and sister (who live over there). Moving closer to them, makes me wonder if maybe it'll bring me back to myself a little. Goodness knows I got a little lost for a while. The soothing powers of nature are pretty remarkable. Trees, ocean, mountains; sounds amazing. I feel my stress slow down as soon as I think of it. I know Breakfast will love it, for sure. I'm kind of excited for him to see it with me.

So, I've planned my adventure, and hopefully it all goes smoothly. Basically, I'll be loading my car with what I need, and putting the rest in storage; in case I choose to return. I feel some security in that, because Edmonton has proven to be such a massive support to me through the years, I consider it my home away from home. Winnipeg will always be where my roots are, but Edmonton? Damn... this city has taught and given me SO much. As I like to describe it to most people: Edmonton is the city that taught me how to hug back. Open arms everywhere. It's seriously the best decision I ever made, to come here. I'm curious what BC will do for me.

August is going to creep up quickly, so I have much to do, people to see, places to visit, and stuff to get rid of to lighten the load. I have no attachment to 'things', so I have no problem with that part. It's like a cleanse, to make room for a refreshing start. Who knows where it will take me. I just feel so lucky to get to take on this adventure and continue to do what I love, with the support of the people who matter most. It is so crazy, I catch myself shaking my head often. For real, you guys. I never would have imagined this.

So, now that that's off my chest.. I have so much more to get out of my system as we go (this took me a week to write properly). This is big news, and I'll admit that it threw off my creative focus for about a week or two. I allowed myself the time to breathe and let it cycle, and now I'm pumped up and ready to show what I've got, because I can't sit around too long or else the whole plan fails before it begins. That's something I really need to push against, because I often accept failure before it even happens. Confidence changes all. It's new, but I know what I need to do to keep on top of it. Watch me go!

All I have to say, is thank you.. every single one of you who is out there supporting what I do. This next adventure is going to be amazing, slightly terrifying, but mostly amazing, because man oh man... the things you learn with these sorts of experiences. I'm ready to grow.