right now

There is a lot going on right now, but I'm doing my best to write more; because I feel that I am in a really good place. I want to keep on top of my thoughts, so I can take more time to acknowledge, appreciate, and process everything that is going on. I have been a little distracted by how much I have to do in every day, until we hit the road, so I'm seeing what some note taking will do for my busy mind. I don't even know where to begin.

First off, I got a tattoo, about a week ago. I have yet to write a separate post about this. I just thought I'd share that it happened, and I'm just about as surprised as you are that I actually went through with it. Again, I'll share more on this another time. My relationship with ink has been a funny one.

The plan is that we leave Edmonton, on July 31(!) My furniture will be going into storage, where the rest of my things will either be sold, donated, traded, or trashed; unless they're coming with me and B in the car. I always enjoy the purge before a move. Loading the car with only things that we need is seriously refreshing. I'm so glad my office is portable.

Once we're moved out, we'll be spending the night in Canmore, to rest, and take in one last dose of beautiful Alberta. It is one of my favorite places, with a lot of great memories involving change, personal growth, and self acceptance. Powerful, really. Once the recharge is complete, bright and early the next day, we hit the road and watch it all fade away in the rearview mirror, as we make our way toward our next adventure. Victoria! Eeek! I honestly never imagined this is where we'd be heading. I'm excited to have Breakfast with me, as my copilot. I think he's going to like where we're going.

Of course, I'm a little overwhelmed by the emotions involved. Some days I'm pumped, other days I'm absolutely terrified. It's part of the process of change. (Like how people get when they change the settings on Facebook, except that this is real life.) It's an incredible adjustment, so I'm allowing myself to get outside when it's needed, and let those feelings cycle. I'm easing myself back into my work, and picking up the pace, so we can afford this and continue to keep the dream alive.

I don't know what else to say, other than that where we are right now, is a good place to be. I feel so incredibly lucky.

What an adventure!

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