Sometimes,  I look at Breakfast and think of how he's grown into being such a wonderful dog. 
He makes me laugh every single day, without fail. He also may have tooted when I took this picture. 

- I love you, my little lump -


happiest spring

What if, instead, Wolverine had daisies in his hands... #xmen #wolverine #sketch_dailies


happy long weekend

I got some old books, to transform into sketchbooks and journals. First, I have to learn a little bit about sewing pages. I've always wanted to try book making, so I'll be searching for YouTube tutorials to see how it's done. I might make a mess later today, but for now, the sun is shining. I think it's time Breakfast and I take a little adventure down to our favorite tree. This is such a wonderful long weekend already. 


birth day

Yesterday was my birthday, and I made sure to treat myself to a wonderful day. I took it slow and did exactly what I felt like doing; including drawing this picture. I am super happy with it, and feel that it really represents the love I have for spring, and how pleased I am to have been born in the month of birth and renewal. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, flowers are blooming. This is when I am at my happiest.. despite the allergies. There is just so much to be inspired by and happy for, I needed to share. Here's to happy birthdays, full of love and joy.


done like dinner

What a great weekend. That's all I can say right now. Still smiling. Thanks so much for this heartwarming photo, Edmonton Culture. Seriously, I can't stop smiling.


heart strings

Two days into the Royal Bison, and I almost can't believe how fast it came and went. I came in with 52 toys, and now only have 10 on my table, with only one day left to go! That's amazing.

Getting to watch how people respond to my toys, which ones they gravitate to, how they interact with them.. or even play with them (such lovely singing mermaids) is the greatest thing. One lady said to me "you have warmed my heart." Likewise. I'm so grateful for this entire experience... I may even do it again. ;)

Happy weekend!



Two more days, and I can happily say that my work is done. With a few little last minute details of tagging, tying, and fiddling with table layouts; there is not much left to do than to pick up my new  (used) car, and take my things down to the Royal Bison.. which is this weekend. Wait, what? 

Everything is working out nicely. Let's enjoy 2 more days.