There's no place like home.



Baking up some new ideas. Oh dear, that was bad. I apologize.


stubborn push

I'm internalizing quite a bit at the moment, because I'm challenging myself in a variety of ways. I may be happier than I've been in a very long time but, it's intimidating doing it all entirely on my own; relying on myself to be my best friend and high-five it along the way. I'm quite tough on myself, though I've gotten to reminding myself that the ones who cling to insecurity for security, have nothing to feel insecure about. I'm just stubborn, sensitive, snobby.. and French.

As much as I may have hesitated to share, I made this animated story back when I was in college, in one night, with a rental camera, half a battery, a free trial stop motion program,  an Ikea desk lamp, some cut up bits of paper, string, Swedish Berries, Dr.Pepper... I'm rambling and have tried probably 14 times to finish up this paragraph. Like I said, I'm internalizing.. I'll sort it out. For now, I'm swirling with the advice of my animation teacher. "Have fun and make fucking things that move!"


braggin' rights

After playing indoors, due to rain, I found a reason to brag about something. This crusty pig -that I made for Breakfast- is two years old. Considering how fast my little chainsaw can hack through his toys, in a matter of minutes... I may have high-fived myself.



For those who have asked how Breakfast Jones is doing... Well, from what I can tell, he isn't very happy here.

sunday spells

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. I have a lot of new stuff on the go. That doesn't rhyme.

It's Sunday, I can get away with being lazy...well, not totally lazy; there's banana bread in the oven.

Happy Sunday!