rewards of summer

I cannot believe how far along my garden has come since just a month ago. As I was out there this morning weeding and pruning, I came upon a little surprise or two that I had failed to notice before. Not only do I see a tomato -or six, or seven- growing along the inside of my (enormous beast) tomato plant, but my zucchini has big great yellow blossoms, my carrots have lush green tops and against the sun I can see the silhouette of sweet little peas growing in their pods. I nearly jumped up and down as I surveyed the progress that has now become so prominent in our backyard.

My tomato is oozing out past the chicken wire and the zucchini gradually makes me nervous as it continues to grow inch upon inch as the sun shines more and more powerful each day. Where is it all going to fit, I wonder.

With the sound of trickling water from the sprinkler, a cold pink lemonade and a pair of worked in gardening gloves as I settle down to read on the front step and admire the sounds of summer, I can't help but wonder how I didn't see it all before. I've found new love in this season, and much like my garden, it continues to grow.


september 12

I'm getting very anxious about launching my new site/shop, but there is still a lot of work to be done just yet. Fortunately productivity is becoming more prominent in my days, as I've been finding my inspiration in places that I haven't explored so much before. I look forward to sharing the big end result when it comes. Until then, you'll have to settle for teasers.

My launch date will be September 12. Mark it on your calendars.


garden gnome

What's more appropriate with the season is that I got myself a little garden gnome to add to my veggie garden for the sake of something fun. Yes, I'm a nerd. I've become slightly addicted to painting ceramics, which isn't a huge surprise considering it was one of my grandma's greatest hobbies, and something my family and I have shared together through the years.

I dropped off my first piece (a ceramic bowl) to be fired this week so I'll have plenty to show-and-tell when it's all ready to be picked up. The suspense of wondering how it'll turn out has me antsy. Good thing my gnome is keeping me busy.



Though not really appropriate with the season, I manged to finish my crocheted lap blanket that had been staring at me since what was probably last October. I had a bit of a battle with it, where as I got half way through, I began to wonder why I chose to go about it in the most difficult and time consuming fashion. I even debated on unraveling the entire thing, to start over from scratch with a different approach... but instead, here it is. I'm so glad I gutted it out.

With boy being away for the week, I've found what the sweet luxury of "me time" can bring, in completing this monster project finally. Now all we need is another rainy day so that I can test it out. Tim approves, though I've claimed this one as mine only.

I might consider sharing.


la mome

With sh*t like G.I Joe and Transformers 2 making the world of entertainment seem like all is lost in the cinema, I have been getting more involved in renting the not-so-Hollywood types for something new and possibly inspiring. It's very rare that you'll catch me saying much about a movie other than what I thought of it visually and/or artistically, but to my surprise I was left speechless.

The movie was La Mome - aka La Vie En Rose - the life story of French singer Edith Piaf. I can't really begin to describe what I felt about it because it carries so many emotions throughout. The acting was beyond exquisite, appropriately played by Marion Cotillard, illustrating The Little Sparrow as she was once known; delicate and phenomenal with expression. Simply amazing.

Non, je ne regrette rien.



Have I mentioned how much I love my garden? My zucchini is still growing strong, I picked my first tomato, and my peas are making me impatient (they're my favorite.) The only thing that was lost, in the early June frost that we had, was my potted Dwarf Sunflower. C'est la vie. Everything else is doing just great.