moving day eve

I don't have many words other than that I'm very excited that it's our last night in this house, after a very long wait. I doubt there will be much sleeping tonight, but at least the end is near. From the bottom of our soggy little hearts, thank you everyone for your care, concerns, and help, even from afar. Despite all of the frustrations involved, I can only be thankful that this experience has made us stronger.

On to new things. Happier posts coming soon!        


almost there

Yesterday marked our last -and very lovely- weekend in this place; which is incredibly refreshing to know that the end is near. Ever since this place flooded, all I can think about is getting away from the ooey-gooey basement.

We've done our best to keep our distance, by getting outside as much as possible, and by
living on the dry side of the house. It's cozy, to say the least, but it has definitely started to make me feel the physical effects of so much stress under one roof. I don't think Breakfast minds because he has access to sleeping in my bed. I'll admit that there is a certain comfort in having him close by, but this won't be an all time thing when we move. He squirms and farts more than a grown man. 

I didn't want to anticipate the move too much because the start of September also marks the end of summer. We didn't have a spectacular summer, but we did have a fair number of lovely days, out in the sun, under our tree, to admit that maybe it's alright to call in the fall. It's a season of change, and right now it's what we need, to make things better. It's just so hard to part with sunshine when it feels so good. 

I'll definitely miss this place for being my first home in a brand new city. It's neat to look back at how much things have changed since we first arrived (bottom right), and the things we have learned in the process. No matter how uncomfortable, or unfortunate the situation, I'm happy to know that things always get better; and the only thing you can do is make the most out of what you have. We done good, I'd say. 

Let's carry on into better things. 


home sweet home

A couple of weeks ago, I was in my hometown for a few days, and it couldn't have come at a better time. With all of the stress going on at home, I really needed to escape and turn my brain off. We chose to drive, for the sake of making it into a bit of an adventure. There's just something really enjoyable about a road trip, and the things you learn along the way. I made a lot of mermaid tails... or merballs.. 

We decided to split the trip in two, by visiting my friends in 'Regina, Saskatoon.' This mishap was a great demonstration how lost my mind can get when I'm distracted with too many things at once. (Side note: I found a new home the day before we left town!) Without listening to myself, I just kept insisting that my friends in Regina were in Saskatoon. It didn't fully hit me until we were minutes away from the -wrong- destination, where Jesse had to pull over to laugh maniacally at my mistake, and to check the new route on the map. We made it... it's totally fine. Lesson 1: Kendyl doesn't handle stress well.

For majority of our stay, in Winnipeg, we checked into the lavish Fort Gary Hotel. While this may be confusing to the frugal types, since I have friends and family in the city, I have to say that treating this trip like any other vacation is what made it actually feel like vacation. It was nice to have a place to escape to on our own (since we are both introverts and need quiet time to recharge our energy) and cozy up in the most luxurious bed in all the land. I also felt that the hotel was a great idea because it's location is in the heart of the city, so it was easy to see the things we wanted to see, on foot, on our own agenda. There was a lot of walking, but I prefer it that way because we got to see things more up close. Lesson 2: I take far too many pictures with my phone, but I don't care. I love texture, and Winnipeg has plenty!

While we walked, we'd wander into different buildings, corners, and alley ways, in between exploring places on our schedule (I made a list this time around.) The Exchange District, which we walked through on the way to the Museum, is something that probably takes a few visits to see; since there is a wide variety of places to dine, drink, and people watch. I know very little about the city, to be honest, so it's something I'd like to put on my list of things to do every time I return. Lesson 3: I have a weakness for hand painted signage and vintage advertising. Actually, I knew that already. I'm just glad that there's such an abundance of it in my hometown(!)

Like most trips, I'd say that it all went by so quickly that I would have loved another day or two of exploring and visiting (since I didn't get to see everyone/everything in such a short amount of time.) Either way, I loved that we got to see as much as we did, and visit with friends and family - and my favorite sandwich- in only a matter of a few days. I haven't experienced a trip like this in a very long time, so it was a treat to remind myself where I come from and that it is always there for me when I need it. What a great escape.
Lesson 4: I come from a good place.

 Thanks, Winnipeg. 



I love getting to draw my coworkers. The response is always my favorite, but also the most stressful part of the process. It's been a while since I did one of these, and I often go through phases where I can't draw what I want, at all. Sam loved it. That's all that matters. 



It was a long weekend of sanding, prepping, dusting, painting, and sealing, but it paid off and I'm so happy with how it turned out. I can't wait to see it in my new place. One and a half more weekends left!



I gave myself a bit of a project to pass the time. 

I sold some old things to make way for some new things, though this piece of furniture is far older than the one I just got rid of. I'm that sort of hipster. Sigh.

I wanted something more ornate, something with charm and character. This piece reminded me a bit of the same dresser I had as a child; and also reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen cabinets. It's comforting.

I got so excited when I painted the first drawer, and continued to ooh through the entire first coat. It was a bit of a process, of course, but it was well worth the dust and sweat to get there. 

I feel like I'm really going to love it when it's all done and put together. This is the best time filler project ever. We're almost there!


winnipeg bound

I've found us a home, and I couldn't be more relieved. I'd elaborate, but I'm wiped... and oh so happy to be leaving on a road trip, tomorrow. I'm excited to see the faces (and sandwiches) I've been missing since I left.

Home sweet home.



I've joked about how living in a basement has made me feel like a bit of a littler mermaid, so I thought, why not make a bunch and sell them?! I just bought this pattern today, and will be stocking up on bits (and beads) throughout the fall, to make way for a super fun craft sale over the holidays. Already? I know. I've got a lot lined up for myself, by choice. It's been a while.

Normally, I'd be starting this process in September, but I'm already ahead of the game with (32) arms, legs, tails, ears, and (10) heads, made in advance. It's been a stressful time, so I guess this works out for my level of productivity. I'm pretty stoked to try something new and under the sea.