Because I keep adding to my list before I can take anything off of it, for things to do, I decided to put the project of making my floor pillows on the shelf at least to save for a rainy day. It's hard to say no. I'm just antsy to get started because I opted for three different types of patterns that I enjoy. . .

Graphic shapes. I so heart bold patterns that aren't too loud or scary. The monotone grays with enough white space to allow for the bright orange, satisfies my love for simplicity with a splash of spontaneity. Orange is a growing favorite of mine.

Organic forms. Of course the girl loves trees and leaves and naturey bits, so to avoid overkill, I gravitated away from the obvious and settled for a more delicate approach. And of course if it's in what I call Tim Gray, I'm totally bias.

Line drawings. Though I'll say that birds are slightly overdone in the world of decor, I'll also say in the same breath that I still love them. I probably wouldn't have bought this fabric had I not eyed the bird - the one with his mouth open on the bottom right - as I find him amusing with his expression. Turn him horizontal and the way he's positioned looks like he's lying dead on his back. Kind of sad, but entertaining. I like that kind of stuff.

When it rains, we will hear more of the floor pillow project. For now it waits in the closet. Now to shrink the list.


how to start the week gracefully

Have I mentioned just how much I love my new wall color? It's funny how color (or lack there of in my case) can alter my day, along with other necessities; jazz, blanket, a blossom tea and a kitty who wishes I'd stop fidgeting with my camera so he can curl up in my lap for warmth as the snow and rain rattle the windows, that light that induces calm. We needed it today.

This morning was a bit of an interesting one to say the least, as it began when I looked out the window of my bus on the way to work to see Ian standing on the median with his car crunched against a tree. When I rushed to him to see what had happened, he greeted me with a smile that was enough to illustrate the story to follow. The nerve of some people - the driver who caused the accident drove away! We stood there for a moment, completely baffled, laughing uncertainly, feet in snow, a tree cocked to one side. When days start this way, it's often best to go back where you came from. We both stayed home today.

Both Ian and tree are okay.


ass jokes aside

This is Bill, my first donkey. This guy comes straight from the book so I'll be working on tweaking things to make sure I can sell my own version without being a copycat.

He was a great challenge to give to myself because with that little bandanna around his neck, I needed to fire up my sewing machine..which I am still slightly frightened of. Maybe with some more practice, I'll work my way up to making those floor cushions I keep talking about in my sew-it kit?


bits and pieces

Welcome to the land of boring? I'm so sorry that I haven't elaborated on much in the last little while, but as I've mentioned before.. no news is often good news. Now just where to begin on explanation. I've been a little scattered these days, as I've been adjusting to a new schedule/routine. It's slowly but surely falling into place, and from getting that much needed time away from my desk, I'm happy to say that creativity is returning.

One of the greatest frustrations with being an artist are the lulls. Though it's simply human nature to need a break, it can be a very awful feeling when one becomes stuck with a blank page for an extended amount of time. My lull lasted for over a year. Absolutely, I felt down in the dumps and even asked myself if maybe I wasn't cut out for it anymore, put down the pencils and walked away. It's a strange feeling when we come to accept those lulls and often I find that when creativity isn't pushed, it returns. Almost a reverse psychology in a way. Kind of neat to catch it coming back when things seem much more busy to even think. That's probably the key in how my mind works; no time for over thought.

There is so much to share, but I don't want to spoil the surprise of my plans too much. Hang tight and I'll let you in as I go.


sunshiney day

It's amazing what a little bit of sunshine can do for the soul. For those who feel like winter never ends, I often feel that spring sneaks in so quickly. The windows are open, the birds are singing and the sound of children playing outside can be heard. Oddly enough, it's like these days never left. Like the return of an old friend. A pleasant Easter treat.


week's end

Wow, this weekend went by in a total blur. It's amazing how quickly it passes when there is so much to do in a matter of two little days. It was productive at least, as I now have half of my Easter orders set to go. I feel very accomplished. Now it's time to shut down and enjoy the last remaining fragments of down time.



I actually heard myself sigh when I saw that this little piece had sold at Three Potato Four. I've been finding great inspiration in traditional stories and children's illustration that I'm taking my hopes of getting into books much more seriously. This piece gives me many ideas, as nostalgia is my greatest fuel for thought.

ode to weekends

It's going to be one of those action packed weekends, with plenty of sunlight and plenty of quiet time with Tim. 8 fresh new orders in time for Easter next weekend? Well, it's nothing compared to Christmas but it certainly does make my eyes boggle when I take the time to think much about it. It can and will be done! I've topped up on movies, tea and bites for fuel as I get set to enjoy an entire day of craft. Really? This is a part of my work? Will return with plenty to share I'm sure. Happy weekend.



I'm just having one of those days. You know, those ones where you just want to close out the world for a little while to gain your sense of balance again? I dunno, I get that way sometimes, at least. With adapting to a new schedule and learning a million things at once, keeping up with requests, learning how to prioritize and somehow keep myself on the list in the meantime, it can be quite easy to grow internally flustered. I guess you could say that I was in need of a little time-out, which I allowed myself to have the instant I got through the door today. Hot bath, closed door, a lavender candle, no noise.

I feel like me again.