how to start the week gracefully

Have I mentioned just how much I love my new wall color? It's funny how color (or lack there of in my case) can alter my day, along with other necessities; jazz, blanket, a blossom tea and a kitty who wishes I'd stop fidgeting with my camera so he can curl up in my lap for warmth as the snow and rain rattle the windows, that light that induces calm. We needed it today.

This morning was a bit of an interesting one to say the least, as it began when I looked out the window of my bus on the way to work to see Ian standing on the median with his car crunched against a tree. When I rushed to him to see what had happened, he greeted me with a smile that was enough to illustrate the story to follow. The nerve of some people - the driver who caused the accident drove away! We stood there for a moment, completely baffled, laughing uncertainly, feet in snow, a tree cocked to one side. When days start this way, it's often best to go back where you came from. We both stayed home today.

Both Ian and tree are okay.

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