Because I keep adding to my list before I can take anything off of it, for things to do, I decided to put the project of making my floor pillows on the shelf at least to save for a rainy day. It's hard to say no. I'm just antsy to get started because I opted for three different types of patterns that I enjoy. . .

Graphic shapes. I so heart bold patterns that aren't too loud or scary. The monotone grays with enough white space to allow for the bright orange, satisfies my love for simplicity with a splash of spontaneity. Orange is a growing favorite of mine.

Organic forms. Of course the girl loves trees and leaves and naturey bits, so to avoid overkill, I gravitated away from the obvious and settled for a more delicate approach. And of course if it's in what I call Tim Gray, I'm totally bias.

Line drawings. Though I'll say that birds are slightly overdone in the world of decor, I'll also say in the same breath that I still love them. I probably wouldn't have bought this fabric had I not eyed the bird - the one with his mouth open on the bottom right - as I find him amusing with his expression. Turn him horizontal and the way he's positioned looks like he's lying dead on his back. Kind of sad, but entertaining. I like that kind of stuff.

When it rains, we will hear more of the floor pillow project. For now it waits in the closet. Now to shrink the list.

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