ink blot test

I painted last weekend and have been staring at this piece since then, wondering if I actually do like it.

I turn it around
dnuora ti nrut I

put it in a different room, look at it in a different light, wonder if the yellow is just right, if it's too muddy, if the white pleases me, is it too central in composition, do I like the texture, how would it look in the kitchen, do I like it in the kitchen, is it too yellow for the kitchen, what do I like about this, what does it make me feel, what does it make me think, where does my eye stick, do I like that it's not symmetrical, do I like the imperfections, it feels organic somehow yet graphic,

I turn it around
dnuora ti nrut I

. . . I should make some Rice Krispie treats.

Yep, this is how my mind cycles with most things. I am still pacing around it, though I will have to settle with telling myself to simply shut up and hang it.

Sharing this actually took a lot of convincing.


Tracey said...

I love your painting....I love that it's 'off centre' and the white looks great against the yellow. I see different 'things' when I look at the painting....like a ball on a counter edge, upside down....

I found this artist as I was perusing some favorite blogs, I LOVE her work, do you like it??

http://www.kindergallery.com/detail/meredith-artists-detail.html (I especially love 'The Picnic', makes me feel happy!)

libbytree said...

Thank you for the link and the critique!

The style of Meredith's work is very charming. I quite like 'Mrs Swan and Mr Moose have Breakfast.'