the best type of take-out

She's found another hobby.

I know I had promised not to get involved with new projects but I couldn't resist the temptation of trying something new. Well, not entirely new. I'd taken a ceramics class in my first year of college alongside a course on sculpture, and enjoyed them both immensely. So after months of eying up the windows of those cute little paint-it-yourself ceramics places, I decided to give it a try.

The option of take-out ceramics is by far the best invention ever if you're particular with space, surroundings and supplies like I am. Anxiety much? With some old papers, a tea, paint brushes, knives (for scraping lines), some headphones (to dull out the noise), a curious kitty and a scented candle.. you're pretty much golden.

The thing that I love about working with ceramics is that it's surprisingly forgiving. If you make a mess of your piece, you can wipe things clean with a damp rag and start over again. As well, if you want to transfer an existing drawing, pencil lines (or sharpies) come off in the kiln during the firing process. I am experimenting for now and am liking it all very much, so far.

Enter a new addiction.

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