tis time

May your days be merry and bright. To you and yours....and mine.



Breakfast has a new best friend, living upstairs from us. Meet Jake. I had a funny experience with him last week when he got excited and smashed his (giant) head straight into my face; leaving me with a massive, double-sided nose bleed that made me feel rather light-headed after about twenty solid minutes of red. Amazingly, I made it down to my suite without a single spot on my clothing or carpet. Yes, I'm a pro at tidy injuries. Wow, the blood was amazing.

I don't hold any ill feelings toward Jake for this accident, as it wasn't intentional. It also helps that his owners are probably the sweetest people I've met in a long time. They've all helped me feel more at home here, which I couldn't be more grateful for. Tomorrow marks one month of being here. I'm pretty happy. So happy, it's oozing out of my face.

Thanks, Jake.


The toy rush is still on so I've been a bit distracted from doing much of the Christmas hooplah that I normally do. I guess I'm just not feeling it this year, yet. I can't tell. I did my best to remind myself to have some fun and make some wintery bits. Now if it'll just snow a bit..



A new robot. This was my Christmas Story.


more to come

It's difficult to put into words what I've been experiencing, these last few months. I have no idea what to say... Actually, I don't even know where I am (without a GPS) It's disorienting, yet curious. I'm petrified.

I came to a city I had never visited; to live in a place I had never seen, in a car packed with two weeks worth of stuff; to start a brand new job that I didn't even have time to think much about until I got there. I suppose you could call this a bit of an adventure. It has only just begun. *Adventure music.

After two weeks, I'm already learning to love this new place of mine. It's been totally overwhelming, but I'm incredibly grateful for what I have gained from the experience already. My mind is everywhere. Where am I?