sunday love

Sundays and sun days. Such great things. 


just 'cause

I'm really enjoying getting to know my new neighbourhood, as we wait for the season that forces us indoors to nest. While I'm not ready to let go of the luxury of sitting in the grass, I know I am looking forward to experiencing the new seasons, as things are starting to get yellow and crunchy around the edges. I believe the fall may be one of my favorite seasons, simply because it is so short .. and colorful.

It's almost been a month since we got here, and that alone feels pretty amazing, considering how comfortable we have become in getting to know things all over again. We can still walk to our old hangouts (under our tree) and we can also scope out the new places, including the numerous fields we have at our access for ball chasing and burning some energy. I haven't felt so free in a long time, it's quite gratifying. I guess what I'm getting at is that I'm happy to be here. And sometimes, I just like to say to myself.. I'm proud of you for trying something different, big or small.

I recommend a little adventure every now and then.


so fly

I'm secretly hoping that Breaking Bad ends it with another fly episode. 



Excuse me sir, I think you might have some Fall on your face...

it begins

One of the things I love about cramming for a craft sale, is that it has gotten me to develop my brand. Breakfast Jones now has a face -and a style- which I am very happy with.

It took a few months of fiddling with things to really figure out what it was that I wanted in a design and part of that was to design without the unnecessary pressure of -literally- illustrating all that I do. That's far too much to display on one surface.

First, I went to Pinterest, to look for some ideas and make a bit of an inspiration board of the things I appreciate in design. I took mental note of any consistent patterns, and right away, I noticed that I was gravitating toward black and white, vintage, simplified, and masculine, design. It worked out that this was what I was going for.

Examples I swiped from Pinterest

A branding design project I found on Taxi

I love everything about this presentation. 

My branding approach might be a bit sophisticated in comparison to what I actually do as an artist, but I feel this represents me as a designer. I wanted to make sure that the design stood out against my other work, because if it doesn't, then it is no longer meaningful or memorable. I wanted something clean, organized, and maybe even a little bit gentlemanly; since the Boston Terrier is referred to as the American Gentleman.

I value quality over quantity, simplicity over chaos. I kept all that I do crammed into the simplest terms; illustrate and create. This is me and what I do, and what I value.

Welcome, Breakfast Jones.


sun days

This weekend -in between various projects- I decided to put my enormous canvas to good use; and cover up some clutter I can't throw in storage. I'm not sure what I think of this approach yet, but it certainly makes this place look rather pretentious. Fitting, for the room where we bask in the sun.


summer smiles

He's special to the core. I'm loving our days outside together, because I know they won't be here long. It's a hot one, so summer is making a very graceful exit.


crafting for comfort

I am happy -and a little embarrassed- to show off how productive I've been so far this year, in preparation for my first crafty sale in a long time. I've been working on it since spring/early summer.

Note: It rained a lot.

I laid all the pieces out in the spot where my new couch will go. I sold my old red one, so I'm cool with hanging out on the floor with every pillow and blanket in the house, to make up for it. It's actually not so bad. I find fun in these sorts of things.

Let's begin...

Project Couch? 
The Final Couchdown? 
Couchfest 2013? 
Crochet Me a Couch? 
Won't You Take Me To Couchy Town? 
Couch Wanted? 


looking up

I feel like we waited for this weekend, forever. It was a long wait, it's true, and I can't stress enough how happy I am to not have to sit in that dark, moldy basement ever again. Let's put it behind us and move forward. No looking back.

This new place is already taking shape into something I'm really learning to love. It's an attic suite, so we're above the rooftops, with plenty of sunshine to soak in. The amount of light that pours in is taking some getting used to.. in a very good way.

Of course, I am thrilled to get to stare at my new dresser, outside of the garage. The way it lights up in the room just makes me smile. And my yellow, vintage, Formica table? What a glorious place to make and eat a sandwich. Bright colors are so allowed in this place. I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of drawing and writing at this table. It makes me smile. 

As for Breakfast, he may be getting used to the new noises and surroundings, with uncertain growls and some head tilting; but he certainly doesn't have a problem with the extra large windows that bring in all of the sunshine (I knew he would love it.)I cannot express enough, how happy I am to be here and breathe in the fresh, clean, dry, air.

Thank you, to everyone who helped us make it to our home sweet home in the clouds.