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One of the things I love about cramming for a craft sale, is that it has gotten me to develop my brand. Breakfast Jones now has a face -and a style- which I am very happy with.

It took a few months of fiddling with things to really figure out what it was that I wanted in a design and part of that was to design without the unnecessary pressure of -literally- illustrating all that I do. That's far too much to display on one surface.

First, I went to Pinterest, to look for some ideas and make a bit of an inspiration board of the things I appreciate in design. I took mental note of any consistent patterns, and right away, I noticed that I was gravitating toward black and white, vintage, simplified, and masculine, design. It worked out that this was what I was going for.

Examples I swiped from Pinterest

A branding design project I found on Taxi

I love everything about this presentation. 

My branding approach might be a bit sophisticated in comparison to what I actually do as an artist, but I feel this represents me as a designer. I wanted to make sure that the design stood out against my other work, because if it doesn't, then it is no longer meaningful or memorable. I wanted something clean, organized, and maybe even a little bit gentlemanly; since the Boston Terrier is referred to as the American Gentleman.

I value quality over quantity, simplicity over chaos. I kept all that I do crammed into the simplest terms; illustrate and create. This is me and what I do, and what I value.

Welcome, Breakfast Jones.

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