just 'cause

I'm really enjoying getting to know my new neighbourhood, as we wait for the season that forces us indoors to nest. While I'm not ready to let go of the luxury of sitting in the grass, I know I am looking forward to experiencing the new seasons, as things are starting to get yellow and crunchy around the edges. I believe the fall may be one of my favorite seasons, simply because it is so short .. and colorful.

It's almost been a month since we got here, and that alone feels pretty amazing, considering how comfortable we have become in getting to know things all over again. We can still walk to our old hangouts (under our tree) and we can also scope out the new places, including the numerous fields we have at our access for ball chasing and burning some energy. I haven't felt so free in a long time, it's quite gratifying. I guess what I'm getting at is that I'm happy to be here. And sometimes, I just like to say to myself.. I'm proud of you for trying something different, big or small.

I recommend a little adventure every now and then.

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