green fingers

So, gardening.

It looks like I'll be learning how to garden this year, as I now have full responsibility over a garden in our backyard; Thanks to Barry and Judi for a clever birthday present. I now have the proper tools, seeds, instructions, tips and dirty toes I need to start my first vegetable garden. Which has me feeling giddy about having all of the peas I want from it by the end of the Summer. I could eat a million! I also planted zucchini, carrots, and tomatoes. Oh, and some stinky Marigolds to keep the pests away. Orange makes me smile, at least.

As well I'll be planting some flowers in our front flower bed, once I get a few more things to assist in keeping the cats and bunnies away. I'm pumped to see how it all goes, and to also add some earthy bits to our home. Now I just have to remember to practice patience while I wait for my thumb to turn green in the process. Gardening is surprisingly intimidating at the start, but now that I've gotten my feet dirty (a ridiculous phobia of mine I may have to explain one day) I am having a great time so far.

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