almost there

Yesterday marked our last -and very lovely- weekend in this place; which is incredibly refreshing to know that the end is near. Ever since this place flooded, all I can think about is getting away from the ooey-gooey basement.

We've done our best to keep our distance, by getting outside as much as possible, and by
living on the dry side of the house. It's cozy, to say the least, but it has definitely started to make me feel the physical effects of so much stress under one roof. I don't think Breakfast minds because he has access to sleeping in my bed. I'll admit that there is a certain comfort in having him close by, but this won't be an all time thing when we move. He squirms and farts more than a grown man. 

I didn't want to anticipate the move too much because the start of September also marks the end of summer. We didn't have a spectacular summer, but we did have a fair number of lovely days, out in the sun, under our tree, to admit that maybe it's alright to call in the fall. It's a season of change, and right now it's what we need, to make things better. It's just so hard to part with sunshine when it feels so good. 

I'll definitely miss this place for being my first home in a brand new city. It's neat to look back at how much things have changed since we first arrived (bottom right), and the things we have learned in the process. No matter how uncomfortable, or unfortunate the situation, I'm happy to know that things always get better; and the only thing you can do is make the most out of what you have. We done good, I'd say. 

Let's carry on into better things. 

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