rewards of summer

I cannot believe how far along my garden has come since just a month ago. As I was out there this morning weeding and pruning, I came upon a little surprise or two that I had failed to notice before. Not only do I see a tomato -or six, or seven- growing along the inside of my (enormous beast) tomato plant, but my zucchini has big great yellow blossoms, my carrots have lush green tops and against the sun I can see the silhouette of sweet little peas growing in their pods. I nearly jumped up and down as I surveyed the progress that has now become so prominent in our backyard.

My tomato is oozing out past the chicken wire and the zucchini gradually makes me nervous as it continues to grow inch upon inch as the sun shines more and more powerful each day. Where is it all going to fit, I wonder.

With the sound of trickling water from the sprinkler, a cold pink lemonade and a pair of worked in gardening gloves as I settle down to read on the front step and admire the sounds of summer, I can't help but wonder how I didn't see it all before. I've found new love in this season, and much like my garden, it continues to grow.

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