A 30 day challenge is what we've decided to throw at ourselves, for the sake of shaking the summer time lazies. When it comes to the summer Ian and I both tend to hibernate, which for some is difficult to understand. It could be our Winnipeg genes speaking, since the winter seems to bring out more of our competitive sides. For Ian it's hockey and for me it's the challenge of the weather, as I'm more likely to head out for a two hour walk during a snow storm.

To turn things around a little we thought we'd bring a new challenge into our lives by going with the season and making something of it. 30 days of running/walking in August. Oh yes, I'm well aware that it's not going to be pretty on my part since I melt standing still in the heat of the sun. But, if it's the challenges of the weather that I enjoy in my life then I best keep that in mind while I take myself outside for the next 30 days of summer.

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