I'm a little desensitized to sunset photos because they kind of take me back to 1980s motivational posters. Cheesy almost. For something out of my ordinary, I decided to go out with my camera before sundown, today, and watch time fade behind the mountains just off the ridge where our community ends. Insert inspirational quote here.

It really is quite amazing how quickly the sun sets. When I left the house, the sun was well above the horizon and it seemed that the further I walked the further it drifted away. Ten minutes later, when I arrived to the spot, it was a mere sliver behind the mountains on the horizon. Amazing. And I had no idea how to shoot in this sort of light.

I will have to make a habit of this because I absolutely enjoyed the silence and serenity of it all. I cleared my mind, came home to a lovely dinner of tea, toast with jam (boy is out for the night) and am set to do some writing for an important project. I am not quite ready to discuss it all in detail but I will say that it's teaching me to think outside of myself and challenge my reluctance.

Insert inspirational quote here.

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