I feel kind of selfish lately, as I've decided to retire from toys just for the summer, to give myself a break. It's a hard thing to describe since we artists like to snivel any chance we get about how our work just isn't what we want it to be. In many cases with art, or at least with my own, I know that if that grumbling feeling persists it can often be seen in one's work. Others may not see it, but for an artist, it doesn't provide enough fuel to go forward.

There are many projects I have on my shelf that have been put on hold for the sake of my craft, and in many ways I'm seeing that this decision is rather irrational. I lose focus, grow incredibly anxious and, in some cases, resentful simply because I have a hard time saying no out of fear of disappointment. Instead, I can only do what is best for my sanity and my art, as there are so many other projects and ideas to share. I have my website that I've been promising for months, providing easier access to my work (toys included.) Something new, a step forward, something to make my work more diverse and enjoyable for everyone

. . . including myself.

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