beg pardon

Um, hello? So where is this new Dear Libby site we've been waiting for? Unfortunately there are a few kinks we have to figure out yet still, so humblest of apologies for those who have been waiting. Once everything is set to go, you will be first to know.

Little things to expect with the new site? Well there will -eventually- be a lot more than just toys now that I've opened time by issuing things on a seasonal and very limited basis. I hope that this new approach will allow me more time to focus on my illustration work, bring a more solidified ground for Dear Libby, and maintain that unique appeal that makes handmade craft and illustration oh so enjoyable for everyone.

Hang tight my friends! Thank you for your patience.

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Tracey said...

Thank you for Oliver, Kendyl, he is a sweet and compassionate ducky ;-) It was nice to meet Ian too, and I am sorry I forgot to compliment him on his very nice tv! Aven was a wee tad bit tired after her first ever day at daycare but I know she will develop a special friendship with Oliver in the future...we did also have to rescue Oliver from Huck (the family retriever/lab), who took a special liking to Ollie and snuck off with him to the back garden and attempted to 'love him to death' but luckily, we discovered him in time!! ha ha!