looking for time

Things have been moving so fast around here. How did we reach October so suddenly?? And no, there is still no Libby. My humblest apologies for the disorganization it has all turned out to be. Running your own business is a really tough show to keep up with, especially if the one behind the magic is well more than indisposed to help the situation. My popular web designer.

In between freelance, business trips, hockey, family, training, lessons, playing with Tim, painting the house, feeding our bellies, making toys, planning toys, keeping our sanity, we're thinking about the best plan for Libby and how to at least put something out there while we get set for the final result to be launched... without losing any anxiously waiting fans in the process, as time is so precious to many. I do apologize for the delay.

The positive: Christmas product has begun.

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