me spice

As we are getting closer to launching the new stuff for Dear Libby, I thought I'd give a small preview of what sort of things to expect along the way. While we're hanging onto a lot of familiar items of interest, there is room for variety this time around. It's very exciting.

While the toys have been cut back to being on a more one-of-a-kind basis, we're bringing back more illustration to share, as I have been getting some new and interesting projects in the process of becoming more comfortable with my work again. Inspiration has been coming in different shapes and sizes, as if there is something fresh and new in my life, leading me into a world that is youthful, imaginative and fun ... and rather wiggly.

And though I'm still kind of shy about it, there's going to be a design section. This topic, I know I need to touch on more often, to toss around the creative banter, because when it comes to my design work I get a little head tilty and self critical. Me? Never! I enjoy design as much as I may fear it, for the sake of how it helps me as an illustrator. Time to start sharing more on this subject. Eek.

Lastly, the biggest accomplishment is that I actually like it! It's taken me many years to get excited about something that I've made, but it's true that I'm somewhat giddy about getting to share it, and think about how it will continue to evolve with time. The new look isn't that far off from what it is right now, it just has more of a sprinkling of 'me spice' in the mix. It illustrates the stuff that makes my mind float away when I look up at the clouds. Things which I had lost sight of or simply pushed aside. Such a refreshing feeling to find it all over again and share without fear and over thought.

Coming soon! And we're so very excited to share.

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