from scratch

A couple of weeks ago I decided to make a cake and make it fancy, sans the help of the boxed up brand. Ian had been telling me to try out cake making for quite some time, as he was so certain I would do well at it and also enjoy the challenge of something new. I think he just wanted me to make something yummy to share, but who am I to assume?

The most difficult part of the process- I'd say- was getting the dirty icing down perfectly smooth. For a self critical -and often irrational- perfectionist it's probably not the greatest idea to aim for perfection, as I learned the consequence of expectation when I caught myself in my second hour of trying to make the next sweep better than the last. It was somehow relaxing just to play around with it. And oh, that smell of vanilla!

I thought the fondant was going to be the most difficult, but after only two tries of laying things down I managed to get it without any lumps, creases or ugly bits. That's actually why I spent so much time trying to get the icing down because if your icing is clean and smooth, your fondant will be too. Once that part is over with, you can start having fun.

To really get the most out of the experience, I think you just have to go for it and improvise. I didn't really have a masterful plan when it came to making this cake, where I kind of just played with the supplies to see where it took me. Once it started to take shape, I soon found myself rushing around the house for things to help make it come to life; spaghetti sticks, big blue buttons, a cat doll eye. It was the most fun I've had in a long time.

And while my brain is still all over the place with more ideas and things to share, I have to say that taking the time to enjoy a slice of my first (delicious) vanilla Miss Kittycakes was very rewarding when it was all complete. It may have been a three day project that both scared and inspired me in the same breath; I know there will be more projects like this to come when the opportunity arrives. Mmm, I can't wait.


Diana said...

This is cutest cake ever. Can you make a dinosaur next?

Spencer said...

This is so adorable!