eff it

I have to admit it feels that I've been in a bit of a blur for the last few months. Between boring conversation about work, the weather not cooperating, and the turbulence of life, I can't say I've been inspired to write or even do much at all lately. I'd apologize for the laziness, but I'm also stubborn, bored and just plain uninspired.. We all go through wicked lulls, sometimes through the transition of season, or simply just 'cause. This is my just 'cause.

Since I have little to no excuse to put my personal work on hold, though procrastination, anxiety and impatience keeps me from doing much at all, I'm starting to urge myself forward with a little bit of force and sharp pinch of "shut up and do it." My incentive is to grow, to learn, to challenge myself, to stop with the belly aching. I think the belly aching is something I inherited from my French side. You know, concentration only wrinkles the brow. I'm beginning to think those wrinkles are a necessity.

So... I'm off to search for what it is that inspires me and share, to remind myself of what it is that keeps me moving. Enough of this monotone buzz.

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