these days

It's been hard for me to think of a way to put this into words. Life is taking an interesting turn. Change is never a bad thing, though it can be a bit discouraging; maybe even a little intimidating. In the end, it never hurt anybody.

We decided that we simply grew apart; became great friends along the way. We lost sight of the sparkly things, lost touch with ourselves. It was easy to agree that we needed to build ourselves back up again; the upsetting part was realizing that we needed to do it, alone.

The first step will be me, moving back to my home town, with Breakfast in tow. I figure this is a good place for us to go, to regroup, explore, and pick up the pieces. There is so much to come, in the days ahead. For the moment, let's enjoy the last few days of what we know while they last. It's both heartwarming and a little bit sad.

I'll miss these days, I know. In some ways, I already do.

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