carving miss sadie

I'm working for a Shih Tzu again; which is really such a treat. I got to meet the lovely Miss Sadie not too long after Breakfast arrived in the prairies. We shared a pleasant walk, some wine, and even some decent poop stories; which is typical for dog related conversation.

When I was asked if I was interested in creating another banner for the blogging pup, I suggested a dabbling of sorts with different media. Something new to keep my hands busy, something challenging. I may even be wrinkling my brow a bit more than usual. This is a good thing.

I enjoyed taking sculpture in college, but haven't done much with it considering the amount of mess and dust which it creates. This, being smaller scale (using Sculpey) has minimal mess. I have a cup for my shavings, am whittling (yes, whittling) the figure with an exacto blade among other carving tools, and have yet to tamper with painting techniques to finish it off. So, yeah, I'm a tad nervous about the outcome, but am enjoying the process.

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