adventure time

It looks to me like the winds have changed to the west, and I'm following it as soon as this week. It's different, it's new, and intimidating. I won't lie that I'm bordering on petrified. The good kind at least.. whatever that means. I love a good adventure.

With all that I've lost in this past year, I see so much to gain. I suppose I grew up learning how to cope with acceptance and change, that it seems like a second nature to figure it out for the moment and carry on. It was tough coming back to a place that I let go of such a long time ago. Its familiarity was welcoming, and provided me with a certain sense of nostalgia, but it didn't quite suit me anymore.

The greatest part of this adventure is that I'll be going to live on my own and do it at my own pace. So much is in my control, it's rather exhilarating to imagine. It's just me, my belongings and -of course- my greatest companion. I feel a little naive, maybe even selfish for doing so much to help satisfy my curiosity. All I know is that if I didn't try it now, I'd surely regret it. Selfishness is allowed. I highly recommend it, though it's not an easy thing to do.

What I would have done without my -old and new- friends and family after such a whirlwind of transition, is uncertain. I am grateful. A part of what makes leaving difficult is the bond that we have created in the time that I've been here. It was nice to catch up, to learn about one another all over again, to share and appreciate the things we once took for granted. I leave feeling so very fortunate to know such caring and wonderful people.

Thanks Winnipeg, it was great to get to know you all over again.

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