to me

So my first birthday, in this new place I call home, has already come and gone (last weekend.) I really wasn't sure how it was going to present itself, but took it for what it was and made the best of it in my own way.

I did a lot of reflecting, as I've developed a bit of a ritual, where I take myself out to write (or draw) for the sake of the emotional release which it provides. Relying on myself for this sort of enlightenment is rewarding and I highly recommend it to anyone for the sake of catching up with yourself. I can't believe where I am these days.

On the topic of reflection, I got myself a little something on my special day, to celebrate where I am and to add another little personal touch to my place. It seemed rather perfect for my new wall color, which I put up in my hallway recently; where the sunlight beams at its brightest, from my bathroom and studio. It's all coming together, and I am loving every minute.

What a gift to find so much to be happy for.

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