keeping on

Working on monkeys for the last couple of weeks. 

It's getting down to the very last bits before I finally put my things together. I haven't looked at how much I've done so far, because I'm still tackling a pile of things that I've started. For the most part, it's a matter of legs and arms (or fins), while for others, it's a whole lot of stuff. I'm trying not to focus on the big picture and just take each piece at a time, and enjoy it, because it'll be over before I know it.

Mermaid hair. I can't wait to finish one up and see how it looks. 

I'd say the toughest part, is the time that it takes to finish a piece, when my hands can only work so fast as I make them. I give myself a goal to finish at least 2 toys a day -if I can- which often requires a late night or two to keep up with the promise. I think I'll feel good when I can see it all, in the end. It's such a repetitive process, it's easy to lose track of what is actually going on.

Autumn is such an inspiring season, it's so hard not to drop everything and paint!  

The biggest challenge, right now, is keeping myself from doing other things; like painting, drawing, and other random crafty bits that I like to do to keep from growing bored. I know I can't waste any time, to keep up with my goal, so I've been turning off my distractions and tucking the pens out of sight. Even freelance is at a stand still.

I love going outside for a break.

I make sure to get out of the house as often as I can, and find a different environment for the sake of entertainment. A cup of tea, a bite to eat, or even just a place to sit and people; change keeps me going. I've met a lot of curious people in the process, and for that I am happy for what I do. I am looking forward to sharing it all when I'm finished.

Hang tight friends. We're almost there!

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