It has reached that time of year where it's time to put away the yarns, rest my hands, and say that the holiday rush is -more or less- complete! My Etsy shop will remain open through the next few days leading up to Christmas, but anything closer to the 20ths of December and it's just cutting things too close for me to promise anything in time.

It actually takes a lot for me to slow down and turn off my brain, after a consistent wave of being busy. When I find the time, and say that I plan on doing nothing for once, it is a total lie. Like when I said I was 'done with making toys' for the season, and started making Christmas gifts within the same breath; toys, scarves, paintings, ornaments. Yeah, I am my mother's child. There is no such thing as doing nothing, in this house.

I'll be taking a very nice chunk of time off from toys, to plan some things out for the new year. I'll be coming back with some new patterns, some time for custom orders, and some fun and fancy giveaways to my followers/fans and furry friends. I don't want it to stop! Don't forget, I do a lot more than just make toys... so it won't stop. I don't know how to stop, so you're lucky.

And so, if I haven't overdone it already, I just want to say thank you ALL for your love and support.. AND for the smoothest season I've ever had! No sore fingers! You have no idea how grateful I am to get to call this my job. Really. For real. I mean it. Thanks!

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