no place like it

I figure it's best to let this out, before we hit the road. It feels like we were just packing up the car and leaving for this place, and here we are, going back to where we started. I'm leaving with an open mind, a cleansed soul, and a very large heart. I honestly can't put it into words, right now. The car is packed, and we're set to head back to the place we called home so easily. It's the same adventure, continued. BC, you taught me so much. We will always come back for more.

The experience as a whole, I really can't put into words just yet. It'll all come out some other time. I know when we hit the road, I will be reliving all of the things we experienced from start to finish. What it took to get here, what I'm bringing back with me. It's only for me to know, and that's what makes it all so special. I've learned so damn much.

Exploring the unknown brings so much perspective, I will likely recommend it to everyone I know, and continue to seek it for myself for the rest of my life. I'm refreshed, I'm inspired, I'm cleansed, I'm sound. I'm just so damn proud of myself, and that takes a lot for me to say such a thing.

Thank you. I feel the need to say it, because I'm just so beyond words and what this has done for me.

The adventure continues. I'm ready to go home.

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