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There's a lot going on at once, so I'm making a list of the things I want to cover; when my brains open up to writing.

The reality of freelance
A lot of people have asked me what to expect when you get started. I'm no pro, but I guess I have some tips and insight to share. I might even illustrate this post, to avoid seeming grumbly; because most of it is rather comical, this glamorized concept of working from home.

How freelance has changed me
I have a list of reasons how getting out of an office has changed my life, and my state of mind. I feel like a totally different person, and it's super cool to see. It makes sense... so I'll share it.

New home
I'm moving into my own place, in two weeks! 6 months of living out of a suitcase is coming to an end. I cannot wait to sleep in my bed again, and unpack my things. It's gonna feel like Xmas all over again. So much more to share. So exciting.

I get a wide range of Qs on a regular basis; from art, inspiration, technique, materials, movies, to my sense of humour. I might also illustrate this post. I have markers. It just seems right.

I'm setting goals again, but am still floating around with ideas. I think it's great to have many. I feel that if I write more about it, it'll help me figure out where to start. Books, animations, personal projects. It's important to take time to plan them out and pursue.

The business
So many changes, so many new things. Making more time for it really needs to become a solid habit. Definitely something I need to blog about more often.

This is my list of things to write about in the next few days. Deep breaths.

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