I made a list the other day, to encourage even more positive use of time. I want to see how this benefits my state of mind, my lifestyle, my work, and my energy. I was surprised by what I put on this list, but I have to admit it makes me kind of excited to try it. This is what I wrote:

No Facebook
For the month of March, I have decided to drop my personal Facebook profile. I have a variety of reasons why, and will write more about it, to see if distance provides a different perspective. My business functions entirely online, I don't really want my relationships to follow the same route.

Need Nature
Ever since being in BC, I realize that nature is where I'm the happiest. Being back in the city has been a bit of a culture shock for me, and I feel it's necessary to get outside more and see what actually matters in this world. I miss the trees, the stars, mountains and lakes. Fortunately, they're not far away.

Swing & Skate afternoon at City Hall. Photo by @contessabessa

I feel like I have a load of friends who I need to reach out to, and get together with more often. I put it on my list, to go out with at least one new person, every other week, for a date/meal; for the sake of having real, live -sans distractions- conversation. This city is filled with amazing people, and it's why I chose to come back in the first place.

I work online, so I am structuring a proper schedule where my time is more clear; with actual slots and deadlines used on my computer. I can glaze over in front of a screen far too easily, and that alone is a drainer from how I spend my time. I hope that killing the distractions will open more time with my blog, and my business identity. Those are the things that I often put off, because of time fillers and mindless procrastination.

The more I hear people say that they don't need to talk to anyone because they can see what's up on Facebook, the more I feel that I really don't like the concept of social media; leading to antisocial behaviour. When's the last time you picked up the phone and called a friend? Hmm. This may be a new habit, too.

It'll be interesting to see how this all goes down. I'm planning on writing about it in March, to see if it does actually help point my life, and my time, in a more positive direction.

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