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I took the advice of one of my best friends, and decided to take the time to celebrate. After all that has gone on lately; just stop, breathe, and say thank you for the moment. It took a lot to get here.

I'm still coming back to myself, as I catch up with life, and get to know my new home. It feels good to be in this moment, and see just how far I've come, how long it took to get here, what I've learned along the way, and who I am today. It was a very long, emotional, struggle; I'll admit that I'm still a little bit exhausted. I'm catching up, I'm breathing. Stop and celebrate. You made it.

I survived one full year of being a freelance artist. A year of providing for myself. A year of learning how to take what I love and give it to others. The connection is my pay check. The feedback is my fuel. The achievements are my confidence. I worked so hard to get here. Celebrate.

I feel lucky to have such wonderful friends who remind me to stop and be proud of where I am. It takes a lot to take it all in, but I see it. I think we should all take more of these little breaks and be proud of ourselves for all that we have in front of us. Life isn't always easy, but it is what you make of it. It's a beautiful thing.


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