Twisted Cyster

Just writing a little something about the status of my health situation. If you can believe it, I'm still waiting for tests to confirm what's going on inside my body (since June). With my CT scan approaching at the end of this month, I'd like to think that surgery won't be too far around the corner. Get this jerk out!

Overall, I'm feeling okay. I'm a little sore at times, often tired, and occasionally uneasy. Doctors are still running tests on my kidneys, my chest, my stomach, my hormones, my adrenals, blood.. you name it. It's exhausting, but I'm happy (and nervous) for getting the answers I need, in order to get better. The hope is that the removal of this (4") beast will help the rest of my body shift back to normal again. I'm keeping my thoughts in a positive place, eating healthy meals to boost my heart and mind, exercising, meditating, resting when needed. It's all I can do for now, while the waiting game continues. 2 more weeks and we'll be closer to the answers we need. In the meantime, take care of yourself, and go get the answers; if you feel you have questions about your health. It might be scary to ask, and get tests done, but you don't want to wait for it to become an answer you don't want to hear. Fingers crossed about the upcoming tests, and surgery to follow.

Will share more of this process as I go. Thank you all for your support through this sh*t!

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