focus ahead

I decided to cut out my last post, as it sounded a little too negative for my liking, though I know when I wrote it my intention was in humor. The incentive was more to put out all of my frustrations in order to let it go and move on from the situation, finding a way to make light of it all because, really, it's never the end of the world though it can sometimes feel like it is when you're in the wrong moment.

What I'm experiencing right now in my life is a transitional phase of sorts into a more positive line of thinking. One that allows me to forgive myself more easily and let go of the things that I'd typically harbor to make myself feel low for later. I was my greatest worst enemy and lately I've been noticing a change in my actions where I've become more forgiving, open and honest with my emotions.

In order to maintain focus on killing old habits, I simply need to continue to surround myself with positive reminders that there is a lot to love and appreciate in this world. As tiresome and trying as personal maintenance can prove to be on the more challenging days it's okay to just let it out and let it back in to gain focus on something more enlightening.

Like a home made egg (mc)muffin sandwich. Life is good.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you are consciously adopting a more positive lifestyle. Its inspirational, and I feel like I have a motivating friend. Since we keep up so often, I definitely feel like some of what you talk about rubs off on my own thoughts sometimes, as is inevitable in social situations.