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We've received a lot of tilted heads and raised eyebrows at our name of choice when it comes to our new little fuzzy face, and oh did we brainstorm, as we found naming a pet very mind bending with the limitless options. After weeks of tagging names for contest, Ian came up with one that I surprisingly kept coming back to. To kill the suspense I will introduce to you now, our sweet Boston Terrier, Breakfast.

Certainly this one requires a bit of an explanation.

From my favorite jazz singers to movie stars, storybook characters, constellations, cartoons, 1980s music, wrestlers, foods and beverages, nothing seemed to stick mutually between Ian and I when it came to thinking up a name that had the sense of fun which we were looking for. Had I won the first shot in battle he would have most likely been called Ralphie Parker, where for Ian it probably would have been something like Skeletor or something poop related. Also, let's not get started on our ideas for mocking the approach of car brand names. Ford Focus? Hardly.

As we got into random objects, colors and words, the name Breakfast was mentioned by Ian in the form of the term "a dog's breakfast." Though the expression isn't exactly a term of endearment, the play that we enjoyed with it after was the humor which we were looking for. Who doesn't love Breakfast? It's most definitely the best way to start any day, if you ask me.

I will admit for a while I was totally unsure about whether or not it was actually the right fit, as I've wanted this puppy longer than I can describe and wanted to name him something important to me. It wasn't until I started to recall my old habit of creating joy lists, to practice appreciative living, that I started to see it in a different way. Remember the piece of toast I once wrote about? Finding joy in something so insignificant as that was a great discovery in my life, one which I refuse to let out of sight, as I have lived years without seeing much to be happy for, out of fear of somehow losing it all. What a great sense of self discovery to be reminded of.

And so, as I continue to urge myself in the forward motion by experiencing a new and interesting challenge, I am proud to share with you one of my newfound yet familiar great loves,


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